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The projects presented below were part of my master's studies in an integrated design

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Platform for Interactive Location Based Stories


 One of the challenges facing cities is to drive a process that will foster encounters and interactions between people and communities. The Story to Go project seeks to do this by creating a dynamic, layered urban storytelling network. 

The aim of this project was to create a platform that encourage creative storytelling and relevat to its users

Design Process

Defining the problem

User research: Interviewing creatives and potential users

Market reserch: Mapping the existing platorms, their advantagese and disadvantages

Designing a new platform: Characterization and sketching a visual language

Prototyping: Developing initial map of stories



Visual research of ad boards in Tel Aviv

please contact me for full access to my research


This visual research was aimed to show how ad boards are serving as a self organizing tool in a complex system like a big city and may serve as agents of trends. The content of the boards is changing in different areas of the city, and the ads are tend to draw to the board more of the like

Research Process

Defining the research question

Field research: Documenting ad boards in different neighborhoods

Analysis and conclusions


Service design workshop at Holon Design Museum

Team members: Pirchi Bar, Noa Kress, Anat Lidsky, Michal Arieli


Holon Design Museum is central and essential for the local designers and design lovers community. The aim of this project was to suggest improved services for potential visitors. 

The tools we have designed offered virtual walls to enlarge museum space and prolong the time of stay; app to keep ongoing relationship with the visitors and one signing system for a better navigation.

Design Process

Defining the needs: Mapping the stakeholders, interviewing them and presenting a customer journey of different personas

Research: How things are done in other museums around the world

Design thinking: Ideation, sorting ideas and focusing

Designing holistic service system and presenting it to the client

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