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The projects presented here are the highlights of my master's studies in an integrated design

Story to Go | Final Project

Platform for Interactive Location Based Stories

 One of the challenges facing cities is to drive a process that will foster encounters and interactions between people and communities. The Story to Go project seeks to do this by creating a dynamic, layered urban storytelling network. The project tackles three key questions: first, whether a storytelling can serve as a tool for restoring residents' sense of ownership and belonging in a conflict-ridden city; second, how one may bring together the individual and the collective in a way that encourages collaborative creation; and, third, how a network of stories can turn a living platform that is relevant to its users

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Class: Urban Ecology

Visual research showing how ad boards are serving as a self organizing tool in a complex system like a city and represent trends. 

As I walked through the neighborhoods of Tel Aviv I've noticed how the content of the boards are changing and different kind of ads are drawing to the board more of the like

Unified Experience

Workshop: Service Design at Holon Design Museum

Team Members: Pirchi Bar, Noa Kress, Anat Lidsky
nd Michal Arieli

Our Goal in this project was to create a unified experience for the visitors o the museum, across all its physical and virtual spaces. 

After mapping stakeholder's needs and drawing customer journey, we have designed a signing system, interactive walls and new digital tools that enlarge the musial space.


Workshop: The city as a design project 

The challenge was to wake awareness of the need to create public transportation pathways in the city of Givatayim

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